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About Cook-for-Yourself Communities

MIT supports students who wish to have individual control over their meals and dining schedule. Seven undergraduate residence halls, known as "cook-for-yourself" communities are equipped with kitchens on each hallway or floor. 

Students in these communities benefit from the unique opportunities associated with shopping for and preparing their own food. Cook-for-yourself options offer students the opportunity to:

  • Build a community around cooking
  • Be responsible for planning, prep, and cleanup
  • Set personal meal times and menus
  • Control costs directly

Note: Students in cook-for-yourself communities may enroll in a House Dining Meal Plan. Visit the House Dining Meal Plan Program website to learn more.

Any student may also eat in the house dining halls without enrolling in a meal plan using cash or TechCASH.

There are several supermarkets near the MIT campus. Shaw’s Star Market, located near MIT’s northwest campus, has traditional grocery offerings including a deli and bakery. The Harvest Co-op on Mass Ave. in nearby Central Square accepts TechCASH and sells organic, natural, gourmet and conventional products and supports sustainable agriculture, certified organic, fair trade and local and small family farms in their buying practices. MIT also operates shuttles to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods stores, which are located close to the MIT campus.

Groceries are also available from the on-campus convenience stores LaVerde’s Market and MacGregor Convenience, which both accept cash and TechCASH.