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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in a meal plan? 

To enroll in a meal plan, visit the meal plan enrollment page. 

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How do I change my meal plan? 

The meal plan change period for the fall semester begins August 26, 2016 and ends on September 15, 2016. You can make changes online at any time during this period.

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How do I use my guest passes?

After September 15, 2016, present your card to the cashier to swipe your meal. After your swipe has been recorded, let the cashier know that you would like to use a guest pass and they will swipe your card again.

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How do I know how many Guest Passes I have left?

Meal plan holders may see the status of guest passes on your account page at

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How do I check if my meal plan has been activated?

To check the status of your meal plan, visit the TechCASH website.

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What meal plan can I sign up for if I don't live in a residence that has a dining hall?

Students who do not live in a residence with a dining hall, but would like to enroll in a dining plan, must purchase the minimum meal plan for their class year.

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Can I still eat in a dining hall if I don’t have a meal plan? 

Yes, you can use TechCASH or cash to pay for meals in the dining hall, even if you don’t have a meal plan. If you pay with cash or TechCASH, the cost for meals is: 

  • Breakfast: $8.00
  • Lunch: $11.00 (brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Dinner: $14.00

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When does my meal plan begin and end? 

Visit the important dates page for more information.

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When is the last day to change or cancel my meal plan? 

For fall 2016, the last day to change or cancel your meal plan is September 15, 2016. 

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How do I check the balance of my meal plan? 

Visit the TechCASH website and login to your account to view the balance of your meal plan. 

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When and how do I select a plan?

View the different meal plan options and prices before selecting your meal plan. Select your dining plan when you complete your housing request forms. Please note that meal plan selections default to the highest plan available for your house. If you would like a lower level plan, make this change at the time you make your housing selection.

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How does it work?

All first year students living in Baker House, Maseeh Hall, McCormick Hall, Next House and Simmons Hall are required to purchase a meal plan. Each meal plan provides a certain number of meals per week at a set cost. Features of the house dining meal plan program include (during normal service periods):

  • All-you-care-to-eat service 7 days per week
  • Breakfast on weekdays and brunch on weekends
  • Lunch in The Howard Dining Hall in Maseeh Hall (Monday-Friday)
  • Pre-ordered Kosher meals in all house dining halls for dinner, plus a dedicated Kosher station in The Howard Dining Hall in Maseeh Hall
  • Halal ingredients, practices, and standards in all dining halls
  • Robust support across the system for students with allergies and other dietary restrictions
  • Support for special events
  • Box meals available for takeout (order day before)

Students may choose a BASIC or an ANY plan.

BASIC plans include the total number of meals (10, 12 or 14), which are comprised of breakfasts (weekdays), brunch (weekends) and dinners (7 days a week) each week.

ANY plans allow students maximum flexibility to choose between breakfast (weekdays), lunch (weekdays at The Howard Dining Hall in Maseeh Hall only), brunch (weekends) and dinner (7 days a week).

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I have special dietary needs. Will I be able to make full use of the meal plan?

The meal plan is especially useful for those with special dietary needs: athletes, vegans, vegetarians, those with food allergies, and those who keep kosher and halal. We have specific options at every meal for vegans and vegetarians, and dedicated facilities and ingredients for kosher and halal meals. Students are not limited to one station, and may choose their food items from anywhere in the dining hall. For example, even if a station is not expressly “vegetarian,” a student may prefer a vegetable side dish from that station and has the option to enjoy it at no extra cost.

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Where can I eat under the dining plan?

The house dining program is a unified system. Any student on a meal plan may eat in any of the dining halls: Baker House, The Howard Dining Hall in Maseeh Hall, McCormick Hall, Next House and Simmons Hall. NOTE: The Howard Dining Hall in Maseeh Hall is the only house dining hall to offer lunch. To see the location of these residences—as well as the location of retail dining operations on the MIT Campus—refer to the online map.

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How will I be billed? Can I change plans during the year?

At the start of each semester, students will be billed for half of the annual cost. You may not rollover unused meal credits from one semester to the next.

The change period for fall 2016 ends on September 15, 2016. Note that you may not switch to a meal plan with a lower commitment than the minimum required for your class year. 

All changes to the meal plan can be made online.

If you will not be on campus for an entire year or semester—such as if you are on leave or studying abroad—you will not be required to be on a meal plan for each semester you are away. Once you return to campus, if you live in a house dining residence, you must enroll in a meal plan.

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I lost my card. Where do I go?

Your dining card is connected to your student ID. If you lose a card, please report it to and visit the MIT Card Services Office at the basement of the Stratton Student Center (W20-021) to get a replacement. There is a fee to obtain a replacement ID.

For more information, visit the MIT Card Services website.

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How does MIT maintain high standards for quality and service?

Residential Life & Dining staff constantly works with Bon Appétit to ensure that we are providing the MIT community with high quality services to ensure that standards are being met. We achieve this by engaging community members through:

  • The House Dining Committee (HDC), which is comprised of student dining chairs, Housemasters, Residential Life & Dining staff and Bon Appétit staff with the objective to discuss feedback and recommendations regarding the house dining program.
  • Customer Feedback Tools allow community members to communicate directly with MIT Dining. Thoughtful feedback and constructive criticism are very helpful.

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